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I am a secretary in "Rent Spel", that is a gaming community or association or what else you call it.

I play everything from X-box to roleplaying games. Right now I play in three different RPG'S, and I am also a Gamemaster/mistress in one roleplaying game.

I will give this blog one more year. If I feel that I don't have time, I will not keep it after this year, but right now, I will try to write as much as I can.

So, Welcome!

Addictive Games!

2013Posted by Cia Sun, December 08, 2013 20:40:34
No, this time I'm not talking about some Xbox game, or even PC games. No, I'm talking about all these "mini-games" for your phone/tablet...

Everything from "Tamagochis", "Subway Surfer" to "Sonic", you can get them all, and more, by buying them or through free apps..

So, why am I bringing this up?
Well, there is a game on my phone that sucks it's battery dry almost every day. ^^
"Logo Quiz" is the name of the game, and as the name suggests, it's about logos, and what company they represent.
Incredibly addictive! And mind-twisting frustrating..
For two days I have struggled with a logo of a black horse head.. I've searched online, tested every letter, and tried my way over and over again.. And yet I couldn't find anything!

This is what the logo looked like. And as I said, I really struggled to find the answer for it!

And finally! After "buying" some help, I finally got the answer for it! When I after so much work, I googled the company to learn a bit more about it.
And I must say, that the logo has nothing, whatsoever, to do with the company, or what the company works with.. But that might just be me!

Well, now I'm finished with it, and I can struggle with the next logo! ^^

The answer? Well, it wasn't something I just could have guessed, or stumbled upon, that's for sure.. Viator is the name of the company, apparently! It seems to be some form of "Experience-booking-hohaa", or at least that is what I have understood after looking around on the internet.
So you can book experience and activities.

Well, now when I've given them a little free PR. Maybe not good PR, since I had to search for two days just to find their logo, and I've not been far from tears and rage while doing so. But, all PR is good PR, right? And they really seem to need it, because I've never heard of them before this day. smiley

Now it's time for me to tackle the next logo! Wish me luck! ^^
Hopefully, this won't take me more than one day...