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I am a secretary in "Rent Spel", that is a gaming community or association or what else you call it.

I play everything from X-box to roleplaying games. Right now I play in three different RPG'S, and I am also a Gamemaster/mistress in one roleplaying game.

I will give this blog one more year. If I feel that I don't have time, I will not keep it after this year, but right now, I will try to write as much as I can.

So, Welcome!

Role-playing game-night!

2014Posted by Cia Fri, January 17, 2014 19:44:51
Friday nights means role-playing game-night for us here. So also for tonight!

Tonight I am going to be a cat-girl named Felicia. And of course CattyVixen dress up in her cat-ears, tail and collar with a 'plinge-ling-bell'! ^^
I also have the paws but it's too hard to hit the dices and write in the papers with the paws, so I can't have those sadly...

Why I have the cat-girl outfit?
Because I love it, it's me, and it gives me extra XP because "I'm not just playing my character. I also act like her!" and our GM is supporting that!

Hope you will have a great evening and night!

Nyah Nyah? Prrh!