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I am a secretary in "Rent Spel", that is a gaming community or association or what else you call it.

I play everything from X-box to roleplaying games. Right now I play in three different RPG'S, and I am also a Gamemaster/mistress in one roleplaying game.

I will give this blog one more year. If I feel that I don't have time, I will not keep it after this year, but right now, I will try to write as much as I can.

So, Welcome!


2014Posted by Cia Sat, March 22, 2014 11:52:34
I am sorry that I haven't updated this in a while, and I apologize.

I have my reasons, a new job, sick kids, and that my memory is on a rest right now, but that isn't an excuse. It's three good excuses... smiley

No, but I will try to do something about that now!

People here has asked that they want me to tell more about myself, and I was thinking that I would do that now.
Who is Catty?

I am Catty. I am a deranged cat-girl, that love shoes and decorating. I am just on the line to be classed as crazy, but still on the good side of the craziness... ^^

I have two kids, daughters. One is going to be 6 years old in April, and the other one became two years old in January.

I work right now on a library. I do that two days a week, and it is an amazing job. I love it. I hope to be able to work there more days a week, but it's enough with twice as it is right now.

I live in a house in the north of Sweden.

People calls me a very pedantic person. I call it to have everything where there's address is... ^^
And that means everything has an address, and there is where they should be. My address is mostly in the kitchen... :P

I don't have facebook, and I don't have plans of getting it either.
And the reason is that I barely can hold up my own website, and I rather give all my attention to this and to "gothicwars" when I'm having the time.

As some of you know, I am a Sister of Battle in Spacemarine for Xbox 360.

We also play other games together, and the newest is "world of tanks". Also on Xbox 360. We also want to play "eternal crusade" together. (On PC)
Some of us is also going to change console. To Xbox One.

Well, I guess that sums me up pretty good! ^^
Oh, and I love cooking and cleaning. And I do Yoga. Mostly for trying to get a better balance, after loosing mine in my meningitis to someone else that probably needs it better! ^^

Thank you!
Nyah Nyah? Prrh!