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I am a secretary in "Rent Spel", that is a gaming community or association or what else you call it.

I play everything from X-box to roleplaying games. Right now I play in three different RPG'S, and I am also a Gamemaster/mistress in one roleplaying game.

I will give this blog one more year. If I feel that I don't have time, I will not keep it after this year, but right now, I will try to write as much as I can.

So, Welcome!

Hetzer's gonna Hetz!

2016Posted by Cia Thu, May 19, 2016 17:40:15
First of all. I must say I really love the Hetzer! I even have a little scale model of it, standing next to my TV when I play. And here it is!
It's so cute! ^^

Yesterday I was out playing World of Tanks.
It was fun to be out there again.

Even though I lost this match, I feel it wasn't that bad... I think I might have done something good at least.

if you're familiar with the game, I was playing the map 'Cliff' as a standard battle. I started in the south, and ended up holding the pass all by myself with my kickass little Hetzer, while the rest of my team were slowly picked of at the lighthouse.

It ended up with being me, another TD and two Arty's left, and we made a stand. After one last wave, we were down to just me and one artillery. I made a move for it and went on the offensive. I was finally brought down by a Matilda that I had had a couple of skirmishes with at the pass, but I'm proud to say I did my best, and I think it shows! ^^

*High Caliber* - Awarded to players who dealt the biggest amount of damage during the battle. (Yay! ^^ )

It was pretty good, if I may say so myself. But since we talking Hetzer's and me being proud, this match is probably the one I am most proud of:

*Mastery Badge: Ace Tanker* - Earn more experience with this tank than 99% of all other Hetzer users for the last seven days.
*Top Gun* - Destroy more tanks than any other player (at least six).
*High Caliber*


This was an awesome match! It was on the map "Swamp", and again a standard battle. I started in the north, and followed the mountain wall down to the south bridge. There I set up camp, and made sure that anything that came close to the bridge or the hill over the swamp, was met with a blazing gun and penetrating rounds.

At the very end of the match, the enemy team had given up the thought of using the southern bridge, and instead concentrated all effort on fighting their way past my team mates at the north bridge and small village. I made my way over there a bit to late, and arrived just as the D.W 2 was taken out by the last remaining enemy, a Hetzer!

It ended up as an awesome showdown of Hetzers. We both Hetze'd at each other, and tried to outmove, outshoot and outsmart the other. In the heat of battle, i came up with the ingenious tactic of ramming my tank head first into his, and shove my pipe so far down into his viewfinder that he could see kingdom come as i loaded my finishing round!

I tried to record it, but neither of the recordings managed to capture the awesomeness of the fight.. Oh well, I'll always have the memories..

I do enjoy World of Tanks. It's one badass game, I must say! Oh, I have also tried the artillery, but since this subject was "Hetzer's gonna Hetz" I can't talk about Artillery now, can I? Maybe some other time.. ^^